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2008Carbon world
2008Special training and skills
2008Carbon markets and the credit crunch
2008Virtual Water trading
2008Ocean Energy
2009Electric Vehicles
2009Carbon Capture and Storage
2009Soft Power
2009Smart Grid
2009GDP/Green accounting
2010European Emissions Trading Scheme
2010Rare metals
2011Green Freight
2011Carbon footprint
2011Vertical farms
2012Disaster recovery
2013Smart bin
2013Ocean technology series 1: seabed mining
2013Carbon bubble
2013Chinese soft power
2013Moocs online courses
2013Ocean technology series 2: marine energy
2014London Olympics construction
2014Elderly trends
2014Women in work
2014London Olympic tourism
2015Africa Energy
2015Cargo bikes
2016Internet of things
2016UK Olympic medals
2017Cyber security
2017Universal Basic Income
2018Wood-based economy
2018Future Ships
2019Tackling rogue drones
2019AI and smart devices in elderly care
2019Who owns copyright of AI-created art?
2019Wind Energy Technology
2020Autonomous boat bridge